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KEY TERMS that go beyond those offered by mainstream user agents. Human language that is spoken, written or signed (through visual or tactile means) to communicate with humans.

Some common examples: Homo sapiens, Alpha Centauri, and Habeas Corpus.

PRO BONO legal services; Information services relating to consumer rights; Information services relating to manufacturing standards; Information services relating to trading standards; Information, advisory and consultancy services relating to legal matters; Intellectual property consultancy; Consultation in relation to data protection compliance; Consultancy relating to the registration of domain names; Mediation; Legal aid services; Company registration services; Legal research; Consultancy on regulations on safety at work.


kadikom EUTM 018608835

AI Guru Aleph Null @kadikom
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AI Research Assistant guru aleph null. Who are we?

# Ние сме КАДИКОМ EUTM 018608835 счетоводно предприятие.

Предлагаме услуги бизнес към бизнес (b2b); счетоводство / ТРЗ; юридически услуги; правна помощ за потребителски права, производствени и търговски стандарти; СЕО, оптимизация; дигитален маркетинг; дигитална култура; дигитална трансформация; административни услуги за бизнеса; автоматизация и информационна сигурност.

# We are KADIKOM EUTM 018608835 accounting company.

We offer business to business (b2b) services; bookkeeping / payroll; legal services; legal aid for consumer rights, production and trade standards; SEO; digital marketing; digital culture; digital transformation; automation and information security.

# Somos KADIKOM EUTM 018608835 empresa de contabilidad.

Ofrecemos servicios de empresa a empresa (b2b); teneduría de libros / nómina; servicios Legales; asistencia jurídica para los derechos del consumidor, estándares de producción y comercio; optimización SEO; publicidad digital; cultura digital; transformación digital; servicios administrativos para empresas; automatización y seguridad de la información.

# Мы бухгалтерская фирма КАДИКОМ EUTM 018608835.

Мы предлагаем бизнес-услуги (b2b); бухгалтерия/начисление заработной платы; юридические услуги; юридическая помощь по правам потребителей, стандартам производства и торговли; СЕО оптимизация; цифровой маркетинг; цифровая культура; цифровая трансформация; административные услуги для бизнеса; автоматизация и информационная безопасность.

# Wir sind KADIKOM EUTM 018608835 Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft.

Wir bieten Business-to-Business (b2b) Dienstleistungen an; Buchhaltung / Gehaltsabrechnung; Rechtsberatung; Prozesskostenhilfe für Verbraucherrechte, Produktions- und Handelsstandards; SEO-Optimierung; digitales Marketing; digitale Kultur; digitale Transformation; Verwaltungsdienstleistungen für Unternehmen; Automatisierung und Informationssicherheit.

# نحن شركة محاسبة KADIKOM EUTM 018608835.

نحن نقدم خدمات الأعمال إلى الأعمال (B2B) ؛ مسك الدفاتر / كشوف المرتبات؛ خدمات قانونية؛ المساعدة القانونية لحقوق المستهلك ومعايير الإنتاج والتجارة ؛ تحسين SEO التسويق الرقمي؛ الثقافة الرقمية؛ التحول الرقمي الخدمات الإدارية للأعمال. الأتمتة وأمن المعلومات.

# Nos sumus KADIKOM EUTM 018608835 societatis computandi.

Negotium praebemus negotiis (b2b) officiis; bookkeeping / stipendia; legalia officia; iuris auxilium ad iura consumptoria, productiones et signa artis; SEO ipsum; digital venalicium; cultus digitalis; digitalis transformatio; officia administrativa ad rem; automation et securitas notitia.

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We automates business workflows

End-to-end accounting. Right from negotiating deals, to raising sales orders, to invoicing, KADIKOM bookkeeping guru aleph null handles mundane accounting tasks so you can focus on your business.

We automates business workflows.

We are KADIKOM - accounting, legal & B2B company EUTM 018608835 e-commerce revision 4.0

We glad to have you on board. Boldly go mAX UX. Thank you all.

kadikom.eu EUTM | EURID domain | CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
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Means trust

What does mankind want? What do they need? We all want somebody to trust in. Someone to follow who lead us in hard times, who makes us believe in our strength, in ourselves.

KADIKOM - accounting, legal & b2b company EUTM MEANS TRUST.

We are the chosen ones, oh can't you see. Born to bring the light and end the misery.

We are @kadikom e-commerce revision 4.0 coming soon. We come in peace.

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Mira bien. Todo va mal y todo está al revés. Y tal vez no haya una segunda vez. Mira bien.


BRAND NEW DAY this is the way. 


Промо оферти в сила
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We offer professional services at a reasonable price

Bookkeeping & Payroll. VAT, VIES and INTRASTAT. Processing of cash register reports and bank account statements. Administrative services.

Automation of accounting. Design, construction and implementation of hybrid solutions for management systems and GDPR, backup and recovery of accounting data, audits of virtual warehouse, remote workstation (RDC), virtual private networks (VPN), cloud computing .

Accounting support services - ERP, BI, AI, BPM, RPA, MIS, ECM. Business process management, information systems and corporate content. Research in the field of artificial intelligence.

Pro bono legal services - * voluntary, free of charge, under certain conditions. Free personalized assistance in the field of intellectual property (IP). Legal aid for consumer rights, production and trade standards. Legal services in the field of commercial, tax, labor and social security law. GDPR + (General Data Protection Regulation).

Digital transformation and information security, search engine optimization (Google, Bing, Yandex), digital marketing. Professional writing of author's texts for the web. Website development / INTRANET.

We are here to stay.
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With no limit

From our base in Varna (BG), we are proud to work all over the world. We are happy to help clients in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Antarctica. Also the Moon, Mars, Alpha Centauri, the Andromeda Nebula, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Space at the speed of light.

We are KADIKOM - a specialized bookkeeping company. We offer accounting and payroll, legal and B2b services, digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization), website development + INTRANET, professional writing of texts for the web (copywriting).

We are SMEs. We are a European small and medium-sized enterprise. We are a registered trademark of EUIPO. We are a registered EURID domain. WE are professionals in the field of intellectual property. ALL SMEs.

The support team is here to help

COSMOS @kadikom
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We do things right

It's simple. Welcome to Bulgaria. Visit the city of Varna. Come to us online. We are professionals in the field of intellectual property. We offer quality accounting services and payroll, legal thought and logic, marketing research, digital transformation, GDPR data protection, information security.

We make great websites. We write author's texts that search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo) read with interest. In the summer we explore the artificial intelligence of the sea. Some call us Guru. Others envy us. And others follow us. Our team is here to help 24 hours a day. WE ARE KADIKOM - AN ACCOUNTING, LEGAL AND B2B COMPANY. You come so we don't ;-)

Welcome folks.
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Always ready

Бъдете готови. Винаги готови. НИЕ СМЕ НА ВСЕКИ КИЛОМЕТЪР. ОТТУК ДО КРАЯ НА СВЕТА. И ако все още не сте разбрали, ние сме КАДИКОМ - една счетоводна, правна и b2b компания. Ние сме регистрирана търговска марка на ЕС. Ние сме професионалисти в областта на интелектуалната собственост. Предлагаме счетоводство, ТРЗ, правни услуги, GDPR. Правим страхотни уеб сайтове, оптимизираме ги и караме интернет търсачките да ги четат с огромен интерес. Без извинения. На разумна цена. Ние сме маркетингови гурута, лисици и джедаи. Владеем силата на словото и пишем оригинално съдържание за уеб ЗАЩОТО МОЖЕМ. 

Заповядайте в нашата виртуална къща

Вижте нашите промо предложения

Прочетете нашия марков стенвестник

Очаквайте още много, ама много изненади.


Be prepared. Always ready. WE SME EVERY KILOMETER. FROM HERE TO THE END OF THE WORLD. And if you haven't figured it out yet, we are KADIKOM - an accounting, legal and b2b company. We are a registered EU trademark. We are professionals in the field of intellectual property. We offer accounting, payroll, legal services, GDPR. We make great websites, optimize them and make the internet search engines read them with great interest. No excuses. At a reasonable price. We are marketing gurus, foxes and jedi. We master the power of the word and write original web content BECAUSE WE CAN.

Expect many, many more surprises.


And why are you beating the pagans? It's simple 'CAUSE WE CAN.
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We speak human

Ние говорим човешки (en human language), за да може идиомите (en idiom) да имат смисъл. Ние разработваме нашите продукти и услуги по БДС и в съответствие УКАЗАНИЯТА ЗА ДОСТЪПНОСТ НА УЕБСЪДЪРЖАНИЕ (WCAG). Критерий за успех - ниво ААА - наличен механизъм за идентифициране на специфичните дефиниции на думите или изразите, използвани по необичаен или ограничен начин, включително идиоми и жаргон. За нас няма "необичайни думи", ЗАЩОТО НИЕ СМЕ ГОСПОДАРИТЕ НА СЛОВОТО.

We speak human @kadikom